Creativity on a Budget with a Lease-to-Own Laser Engraver

Lease-to-own laser engravers offer flexibility and convenience.

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For many entrepreneurs, leasing equipment offers a convenient, affordable way to expand their business. Epilog offers leasing programs that help customers increase buying power, which can directly boost the bottom line. It also is an easy, affordable way to purchase equipment, using Epilog's lease-to-own program. There are many reasons to consider leasing, which generally incorporate four main benefits: maximizing cash flow, easy equipment upgrade, tax advantages and better balance sheets.

Check out these four ways leasing a laser engraver can benefit you and unlock your creative potential.

Maximizing Cash Flow

Leasing conserves and maximizes cash flow, or working capital, of a business. Equipment leasing saves working capital for daily business expenses, investments, business expansions, marketing or surprise business-related expenses. Generally, leasing requires little to no down payment. Although the first and last month’s payments are sometimes required, leasing is virtually identical to 100 percent financing.

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Easy Equipment Upgrade

For those not choosing to own the equipment after their leases are finished, leasing can provide the means for businesses to have the latest technology and equipment and not have worries about owning potentially obsolete equipment. Epilog offers flexible leasing programs that allow businesses to determine the length of a lease.

Wooden plank in an Epilog Fusion M2 machine

Customers can take a short lease to ensure they've always got the latest model, or to easily upgrade due to order growth. Conversely, customers only planning to keep machinery for the short term may find that leasing is a better alternative than buying and trying to resell when the equipment is no longer needed. Epilog clients can return or buy the equipment, or renew their leases at the end of the term. Leasing terms for start-ups and credit-challenged businesses are also available.

Tax Advantages

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase; rather it's considered a tax-deductible overhead expense. So, the lease payments are fully deductible from corporate income.

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Better Balance Sheets

Operating leases are viewed as a business expense, and are not considered long-term debt or liability, which paints a picture of a stable and credit-worthy business to lenders.

Epilog's equipment lease-to-buy program is designed around customers' specific needs and budget requirements, while providing financial flexibility. Companies can conserve cash and use it to invest in their own businesses while reaping the benefits of new technology that keeps revenue flowing.

If you’re interested in more information on leasing an Epilog Laser machine, check out our Lease a Laser page, and contact us to set up a demonstration with the distributor in your area to see which option is right for you.

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