Back to School: Popular Academic Products to Create with Your Laser (Webinar)

Join us for a look at products and services you can sell to the academic market!

Though things may look a little different this fall, communities around the world are planning and preparing for what the school year will look like. If you’re in the laser engraving industry, marketing to schools can greatly expand your profit potential. From traditional items like awards and signage to emerging applications such as identification tags for essential personnel and personal protective equipment, schools require laser engraved/cut items for a variety of purposes. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most popular, in-demand academic applications you can accomplish with your laser.

School Pride
Personalize items with school names and logos, and atheltics mascots.

Student Awards
Engrave awards and trophies to recognize students and athletes for their accomplishments.

Teacher and Faculty Awards
Create plaques and recgnitions to thank trailblazing educators, supportive volunteers, counselors, coaches, and staff.

Directional and Safety Signage
Fulfill the everyday needs of schools and universities, and create specialized signage products to help them during this transitionary period.

Personal Protective Equipment
Equip schools with masks, face shields, acrylic barriers, ID badges, and more.

Offer personalization services for fundraising events and engrave custom commemorations for donors.

Equipment Tracking
Serialize school technology and create identification marks for equipment to help schools track their inventory.

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